You Can Access all of Your Bonuses From This Page

We have included a number of announced and surprise bonuses for you on this page.

Check back often as we will continually be adding more!

1) Sales & Clients on Tap Home study Course

This is a comprehensive 14-hour training course to help you to create your own personalized sales funnel.  You will probably not need all 14 hours – so don’t panic.  This is why I created the fast start webinar – see below.

The program has 3 parts:

1) The first 8 hours are the theory of how to implement everything.

2) There next 6 hours consist of an “over the shoulder” case study showing how to implement the theory.

3) The last component consists of 9-fill in the blank worksheets to ensure that you leave nothing out.  I have used these same worksheets in the case study for your convenience.

Note: gold members has full access to everything immediately while silver members will get a new module every 2 weeks.  The relevant case study components will be released with the corresponding theory modules.

You can access by clicking on the orange “Access Sales & Clients on Tap” button

Access Sales & Clients on Tap

2) Sales & Clients on Tap Quick-Start Webinar

There are typically 2 different ways that most professional service providers will use this.  This webinar is designed to show you the differences so that you can implement your own sales funnel in as little as 30 days (or even less!).

The way you elect to implement your sales funnel will determine how many of the 10 modules you will need to implement.  All 10 are only for you hyper-achievers.  Most of you will not need all 10!

You can access by clicking on the orange “Register For The quick-Start Webinar” button

Register for the quick start webinar

3) Disruptive Professional Exposé

If you did not have access to this report earlier, please download it and read it before you do anything else!

It is that important.  It provides the framework for everything that you will learn in the academy.

You should also watch the “4-Power-Pillars” masterclass which takes what you learn in the expose to a completely new level.

You can download your expose by clicking on the orange “Download The Disruptive Professional Expose” button

Download The Disruptive Professional Expose

4) The 4 Power-Pillar Masterclass

This masterclass called “The 4 Power Pillars to Generating Consistent Clients and Ever Increasing Cash Flow” forms that framework for everything that you will learn in the academy.

If you have not watched it, then you absolutely should do so before you attend any of the monthly webinars.  This hill help you easily conceptualize the academy curriculum.

This webinar qualifies for CPE credits.

You can watch the webinar by clicking on the play button below.