What The Program is About

This is a two tier continuity program that teaches professional service providers how to get more clients and sell more services by leveraging the internet.

The program is presented by James Molfetas who is a chartered accountant who has over 30 years’ experience as a professional service provider.

James is also an internet marketing expert and an international number 1 bestselling author of marketing books.

The Different Levels

The first level (Silver level) consists on a monthly content webinar, a Q&A webinar and access to an extensive digital product library.

The second level (gold level) includes all the benefits of the silver level plus a fully documented implementation blueprint.  This consists of “over the shoulder” video training as well as many enrichments such as worksheets, checklists and resources.

The idea behind this is that professional service providers can easily outsource the implementation of these blueprints (which are fully documented systems) to their staff or even third party outsource workers.  They can be confident of getting the predictable desired result without having to micro-manage the process.

The goal of the academy is to create digital assets that stack up month after month which continually increases the service providers’ ability to attract more ideal clients and sell more services thus improving cash flow.


The USP of the product is that this is the only training of its type for professional service providers BY professional service providers teaching them how to get more clients by leveraging the internet.

Price Points

There are 3 standard price points:

  1. The silver level which sells for $27 per month or $197 per year
  2. The gold level which sells for $47 per month or $397 per year
  3. Implementation blueprints get sold separately for $197 each (sold to silver members or non-members

Other Revenue Opportunities

These include:

  1. The gold level with 1-hour of consulting for $497 per year
  2. Upgrades from silver to gold for $20 (being the difference in price between gold of $47 and silver of $27)
  3. $1 trial to convert the fence sitters or to offer a no-brainer offer.

Sales Funnels to Promote

We have created a number of different funnels which gives you a variety of different ways to promote the program.

Because each method is different and it gives you tremendous variety.  You can also promote the program multiple times to the same audience without them necessarily knowing it because of the differences in each funnel.

You can choose how best to use the versatility we have provided you with.

For more information about the different funnels and how best to use them, you can check out the a summary of each funnel by clicking on the blue “Take Me To The Funnels” button on the right.

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