The Disruptive Professional Academy (DPA) Affiliate Partner Program Brought to You by

If you share our passion for helping service based professionals to get more clients and to sell more services then we would love to partner with you.

We will also give you 50% commission on any of our products that you sell.

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Why You Should Partner With Us…

Our program and products are unique in that the fill a major void.  We help small to medium sized service based professionals to grow their businesses by leveraging the internet.

Here are just some of reasons why you should consider partnering with us…

  • The program is presented by James Molfetas who is a 30-year professional service provider veteran and an internet marketing expert.  He left the accounting profession where he was a partner in a 4-partner audit practice in 2011 to devote his life to online marketing.

  • He is now an international number 1 bestselling author of a number of books teaching professional service providers how to sell more SERVICES by leveraging the internet.

  • You will earn 50% commissions on every product that is sold through your efforts.

    The best part is that there are recurring commissions for as long as your clients maintain their membership. We sell both one-time products and monthly subscription products.

    This means that you have an opportunity every month to promote a new product to your subscribers and clients. Because this is done through a sales funnel, you have the chance of getting paid both for the new product and then if they join the continuity program you will get monthly commissions too!

  • There are “Lifetime” cookies with no time limit.  This means that you will get credit for every sale made by your referrals.  This means that you could potentially get paid for years, even for products that you did not promote, simply because you referred that person to use a long time ago!

  • Our Affiliate program is run through the well established and trusted third part affiliate platform called JVZoo. This means that both you and I are protected and we are both sure to get the correct money due to us.

    JVZoo is renowned for their accurate tracking of sales and for always paying on time. Through their platform, you will be able to see full statistics of all of your promotional efforts.

We Manually Approve All of Our Partners.  Here’s Why…

We deal with professional people who are as passionate about selling their services as we are about ours. Because of this, we have to ensure that the highest integrity levels are maintained because we are very protective over our brand and our clients and our partners.

I am a chartered accountant who has been in the service industry for decades and I understand what our clients needs. We want to ensure that our products only get promoted to the right people in THE RIGHT WAY to make sure everyone gets the highest levels of quality and service.

Our Target Market Are Professional Service Providers

Professional service providers fall into one of two categories:

The first group study for years, have to pass an entrance exam to be admitted into the profession and generally answer to a controlling body. Examples include amongst others, accountants, auditors, attorneys, engineers, vets and the medical profession etc.

The second group are generally self-taught by learning on the job or attending one or more short courses. Examples include amongst others, supply chain specialists, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and trainers, to name but a few.

“In essence we cater for anyone who sells a service and who needs to get face to face with their prospects in order to convert them into paying clients. “

While all companies big and small will benefit for our products and services, there is a major lack of resources for small 1-3 owner practices because most of our competitors only chase after larger companies because they feel that that is where the money is.

If you know my personal story, you will appreciate that I have a rather unique blend of:

  1. A burning passion to help smaller service providers because I was forced to walk away from a profession that I had devoted 25 years of my life to because I did not know how to acquire more clients
  2. As a fellow professional service provider I understand the unique needs of our clients. The products we create are tailored specifically towards their needs – they are not generic client acquisition and cash flow generation methods.
  3. There are very few professional service providers who have had the time or privilege of being able to study online marketing full time like I have. I have been online since 2011 (which is like “dog years” in internet marketing terms). This gives me a unique blend of being an internet marketing expert and a professional service provider.

The press think it is hysterical and have dubbed me “The Marketing Accountant” because they say that one should not be able to use the words “accountant” and “marketing” in the same sentence!

Our Affiliate Program is Run Through JVZoo

To ensure the integrity of our affiliate program we have partnered with one of the leading affiliate platforms called JVZoo. They mange the entire process for us. This means that we both get to to benefit from their reliability, tracking and statistics offered by the platform.

JVZoo ensure that you get paid what you are supposed to get paid and that you get paid on time.

In order to join our partner program (affiliate program), you will have to:

Register an account with JVZoo which is completely free and have a PayPal account which is also free.

To register for your free JVZoo account you can click the “REGISTER ON JVZOO” button.


For a video walk-through of how to create your JVZoo account  you can click the “WATCH THE  JVZOO REGISTRATION VIDEO” button.

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Ensure that you have a PayPal account because this is the mechanism that JVZoo uses to pay you. This is also free to you. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can you can set one up by clicking the “TAKE ME TO PAYPAL” button.

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How to Get Started…

Here is a Summary of The Few Simple Steps to Sign up as a Valued Partner:

After you have gone through this high level overview, click the button below that says “CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!” where you will find all of the links you need as well as helpful videos to show you exactly what to do (should you feel you need them).

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